Welcome to Kraft Sportssenter

The most versatile training centre in Tromsø!

Kraft offers a training experience like no other in Tromsø. The training centre is located on campus, making it ideal to train either before or after classes. Kraft was initially opened in 2001. 2017 saw the opening of new Kraft, combining the old and new centres. 

Kraft also have a smaller gym (Kraft Elverhøy) located within the Elverhøy student accommodation.

We offer memberships at friendly prices, and we are proud to say that we are the cheapest training centre in the area for students!

If you’re an international student at UiT, we have specialized memberships for you at Kraft. Normally you are paying a monthly fee which is deducted from your bank account every month, but as an international student you may not have a Norwegian bank account that makes this possible. Because of this we offer pre-paid memberships to accommodate for international students without access to a Norwegian bank account. These memberships are activated on the day you sign up and will automatically end after the period of time you have chosen for your membership.

If you're not an international student, and don't have access to a Norwegian Bank account, you can still sign up for one of our other memberships. If you choose to do this you must come to the Kraft reception and pay your membership fee every month by card. This must be done before the 4th of each month, otherwise an additional administration fee will be added on to your invoice.

What we offer:

  • 3 strength and conditioning rooms at Kraft
  • Up to 50 different fitness classes and group training activities each week
  • Personal training and nutritional guidance
  • Two multi-purpose sports halls
  • Climbing wall
  • A specialized area for martialarts 
  • Wardrobes with sauna
  • Access to other student sports centres within Norway
  • Team sports collaborated with the Tromsø student sports association (TSI)

Full access to our wide range of fitness classes and group training activities is included in your membership. 

    Collaboration with the TSI (Tromsø student sports association).

    TSI - Tromsø Student Sports Association work closely with Kraft, and was involved with the planning process of new part of Kraft in 2017. 

    If you want to join any of the TSI groups that have their activities at Kraft, you need to become a member of Kraft in addition to paying the TSI semester fee and the fee to the specific TSI-group.

    See all activites of TSI here

    Are you still not a member of Kraft Sportscenter? Become a member today!